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Teaching Gong Yoga - Mehtab Benton


Teaching Gong Yoga is a comprehensive book on using the sound of the Gong to enhance the practices of Yoga.
This book enhances all the aspects of Yoga, including asana, pranayama, mantra, meditation and relaxation.
Gong players, sound healers, yoga teachers, and students will learn how the gong can be used in all types of yoga, including: Kundalini Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Children's Yoga & Senior's Yoga.
You will learn the theory and practice for:
  • Constructing and teaching Gong Yoga classes;
  • Playing the Gong for the chakras;
  • Practicing meditation with the Gong;
  • Using gong maps to develop your playing techniques;
  • Creating deep relaxation and healing through the Gong;

  • Fully illustrated with nearly 100 drawings and 23 tables of information on these and other topics:
  • Asana Sequences with the Gong Sound;
  • Prana and the Five Tattvas;
  • Playing the Gong for the Chakras;
  • Pranayama Practices and the Gong;
  • Gong Meditation;
  • The Gong and Yoga Nidra.

  • Price: £25.00
    Price including postage: £27.50

    The 21 Stages of Meditation - Gurucharan Singh Khalsa


    The 21 Stages of Meditation clarifies the process and outlines the steps toward your own progress in meditation.
    Defined by Yogi Bhajan and elucidated by Gurucharan Singh, The 21 Stages of Meditation is a key work in deepening your understanding and experience of meditation. Ranging from Upset and Boredom to Humility, Graceful Enlightenment and the Sage, explore these stages and more; explore three distinct meditative journeys, which culminate in the pinnacle of contemplative awareness-Stage 21 - The Infinite Pulse.

    Price: £36.00
    Price including postage: £40.50

    The 3HO Songbook - Raghubir Singh


    Raghubir Singh, together with YogiPress and the band Mardana, have put together some of the most popular and most beautiful songs of over 30 years in the tradition of Kundalini Yoga.

    All Songs are notated correctly and additionally show the Guitar Chords.
    You will find popular classics such as Song of the Khalsa, or the wonderful ballad Flowers in the Rain, the uplifting Morning Wake Up Song, and touching ballads such as Ballad of Guru Ram Das, Birthday Song, or Never Again, as well as many others.
    The Book features songs from different artists such as Guru Dass Singh and Guru Dass Kaur, Mata Mandir Singh, Livtar Singh, Snatam Kaur, and others as well as the legendary Khalsa String Band.
    Besides the fully notated part, this book also contains the Guitar Song Charts - here you can find only the songtext and the guitar chords for easy playing. At the end, you find an overview of all guitar chords used in the book. A total of 36 wonderful songs create a life-span of over 30 years of music inspired by Kundalini Yoga.

    Price: £25.00
    Price including postage: £29.00

    The Akashic Records - Sandra Anne Taylor


    Unlock the Infinite Power, Wisdom and Energy of the Universe
    An introductory guide to the fascinating Akashic Records and how to use this powerful source of information for change, manifestation, healing and fulfilment. This book will reveal:
  • What the Akashic Records really are and how to tap into their ever-present power;
  • How to travel the eternal timeline to investigate the past, present and potential future;
  • How past lives are influencing you today and what you can do to rewrite those records;
  • How you can use the Akashic Records to find your purpose, expand your talents and find greater success and joy in this life;
  • How to programme future events within the records of this life and in lifetimes to come;
  • Techniques to open the records anytime you desire ... and much more!

  • Price: £16.00
    Price including postage: £18.00

    The Art of Making Sex Sacred - The Art of Making Sex Sacred


    Techniques for Intimate Relationships.
    Whether you are currently in an intimate relationship or preparing for one, as a seeker of spiritual ecstasy, you will find information in the new edition of this manual for reclaiming self-reverence and respect, gaining self-awareness, rejuvenating one`s sexual health, and rebuilding intimacy.
    Included are meditations and exercises for couples to enhance communication, support healing, and allow the experience of blissful lovemaking. Yogi Bhajan answers delicate questions in each chapter, couples tell stories, and special foods and recipes designed to enhance the experience of sex are included. The last chapter, among the new additions to this Second Edition, is full of tips from the author`s 37 years of marriage and counseling experience.
    Within the dance of life, there is the act of sex, which is the merging of our beings into the life force of creation. Beyond physical longing, sex comprises a sacred act of nature and God. Attuning to this sacredness brings bliss and fulfillment, and the divine union becomes a renewal of life itself.
    Includes an accompaniying CD with the Kundalini Yoga mantras used in this book. KRI approved.

    Price: £35.00
    Price including postage: £37.50

    The Art of Sales Englisch-Deutsch - Yogi Bhajan


    Sat Hari Singh, Sales Manager at Golden Temple Europe (Yogi Tea), recorded over a long period of time all those quotes and gems of wisdom by Yogi Bhajan about business and sales - but as usual with the teachings of Yogi Bhajan, they go way beyond that, because they can be understood universally.
    Therefore this book is not just meant for business people but for all those who want to make their stand in this material world. 50 quotes and insights, each in english and german translation.

    Price: £8.00
    Price including postage: £10.00

    The Best is yet to Come: Kundalini Yoga 50 Plus -
    Willem Wittstamm


    This book that can support you in teaching Kundalini Yoga to older students.
    There are many seniors who don't want to face the challenges of a “normal” yoga class, but still want the possibility to experience the depth of yoga. In this detailed yoga manual, you will learn how to adapt the most popular yoga sets in Kundalini Yoga and adjust them to the needs and abilities of seniors.
    The concept of Yoga 50 plus has two main goals: to minimize the unwelcome signs of aging and to help the student to perceive the aging process as a benefit, a process of human development, which opens them up to a transformation from pure physical strength to powerful wisdom and insight. On the physical level, the three main objectives of Kundalini 50plus are: to maintain balance and coordination skills, to straighten the spine and increase its flexibility, and to expand lung capacity. Progress in these areas guarantees a better quality of life as you grow older.
    Subtly, Kundalini 50 plus helps you to align your life anew in relation to the changing conditions and challenges of the aging process. The wide range of meditations found in the teachings of Yogi Bhajan offer the perfect tools on the way “to aging successfully”.
    The Best is Yet to Come - Yoga 50 plus contains:
  • Over 400 full-color fotos & illustrations;
  • 21 sets inspired from Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan;
  • 19 meditations that allow us to experience aging as a benefit;
  • Many senior-friendly modified yoga postures;
  • Several senior-specific warm-up sequences;
  • Venus Kriyas and suitable partner yoga exercises.

  • Price: £37.00
    Price including postage: £41.00

    The Body Temple - Ramdesh Kaur


    This book is a gift to heal you and your sense of self.
    This Body Temple is a gift to heal you and your sense of self, especially If you have struggled to love your physical self, been crippled by feelings of low self-esteem and self-worth, or battled an eating disorder.
    Written for both the total beginner and the advanced yogi, The Body Temple: Kundalini Yoga for Body Acceptance, Eating Disorders, and Radical Self-Love guides you through a nurturing practice of yoga, meditation, mantra, and real miracles.
    Areas covered:
  • Yogic techniques to reset your body's systems and restore your health and well-being;
  • Kriyas, Meditations and breathing exercises for self-confidence and body acceptance;
  • Simple tools to empower you to overcome your food addictions and eating disorders;
  • Recipes and lifestyle tips for living a healthier, more balanced life;
  • A daily yogic practice to help change your life and begin your healing journey.
    Your body is a temple. If you've ever wanted to feel good, love yourself, and heal your relationship with your body, this book is for you.

    Price: £30.00
    Price including postage: £34.50

    The Chakras - Yogi Bhajan


    This book defines the nature of the chakras, how they work, their interaction, projection and potency.
    The chakras are the keys to being human and being happy. Yogi Bhajan, the Master of Kundalini Yoga, defines the nature of the chakras, how they work, their interaction, projection and potency, with both humor and subtlety, and often, surprising candor.

    This Chakra manual and the accompanying, powerful Kundalini Yoga Chakra-meditations will help you to:
  • Strengthen each chakra to work in balance with the others;
  • Discover the universal impact of the Fifth Chakra: Your gateway to commitment;
  • Empower the Self and live your Highest Identity.

  • Price: £26.00
    Price including postage: £28.50

    The Five Tibetans - Christopher S Kilham


    Five Dynamic Exercises for Health, Energy & Personal Power.
    In The Five Tibetans Christopher S. Kilham brings you a yogic system of highly energizing postures and exercises that originated in the Himalayas. Liberating and enhancing the innate energetic power of the human body and mind, these five exercises take a minimum of daily time and effort but offer remarkable results in the way of increased physical strength and suppleness as well as mental acuity.

    Price: £10.00
    Price including postage: £12.00

    The Game of Love - Yogi Bhajan


    The teacher and the master, through his collected English poems, illustrated with his own drawings.
    The book is filled with deep insights into how to have successful relationships, both with oneself and others. At its essence, it is a guide to living in the 21st century and beyond.

    Price: £27.00
    Price including postage: £30.10

    The Gift of Womanhood - Guru Rattan Kaur


    The book decodes your mysterious design and guides you to awaken to your authentic identity as a sacred woman.
    Guru Rattana Kaur’s book The Gift of Womanhood offers every woman a profound formula and transformational techniques for liberating her psyche, and reveals a groundbreaking approach to women's empowerment. Guru Rattana decodes your mysterious design and guides you to awaken to your authentic identity as a sacred woman. With deep insight and sensitivity, she illuminates a unique spiritual path for women using Kundalini Yoga and Meditation techniques that will touch your soul.
    Woman's basic problems arise from not knowing her essence as a woman. Instead of being educated to be a woman, most women have learned to identify themselves as generic persons. Even worse, women have been trained to try to act like men in order to succeed in the world. And women have unconsciously accepted their status of second-class citizens. The goal of this book is to fill a gap in woman's education and experience so that every woman can gain a deeper understanding of the challenges that she must deal with on her path of womanhood and tap into her unique powers and gifts.
    To that end, The Gift of Womanhood discusses what women can do for themselves (and in the process support each other) regardless of their social, economic, and political circumstances. The Gift of Womanhood is about woman's inner reality and how she can honor and nurture her essence as a woman. Our focus on self-empowerment from within in no way discounts the need for social, economic, and political change. As women discover who they really are and begin to think and act from the stance that they are the pivotal, creative foundation of change, they will automatically participate in creating structural change that honors all life.

    Price: £28.00
    Price including postage: £32.00

    The Heart Rules - Guru Prem Singh Khalsa


    'The Heart Rules' is a practical yoga & meditation manual with guidance from Guru Prem Singh Khalsa, an advance practitioner of Kundalini Ashtanga Yoga.
    He trains teachers, as well as teaching students throughout the world, the concepts of letting the Heart Rule and Divine Alignment; he is also the author of 'Divine Alignment'.
    'The Heart Rules' has in-depth instructions on how to approach some more challenging Yoga Asana's with ease.
    This book is designed to let you approach any position - standing, sitting, asanas, exercises - with an awareness of how you are carrying your heart. There are meditations for these as well as Opening Your Heart, for a Diamond Heart, for a Light Heart, for a Pure Heart and more!
    Yoga sets and meditations are of greatest value when they are done every day for at least 40 days. These practices create an energy flow and over forty days that energy flow will become habitual and you will gain excellence.
    In addition, Guru Prem has created The Heart Rules Mantra Music-CD as a companion to this book
    Tracks on the companion CD or download:
  • Every Heartbeat;
  • Chattr Chakkr Vartee;
  • Communication;
  • Sat Narayan;
  • The Calling;
  • His Kindness;
  • Rakhe Rakhanhar;
  • Tantric Har;
  • Guru Ram Das Chant.

  • Price: £31.00
    Price including postage: £33.50

    The Inner Art of Love - Guru Rattan Kaur


    The Inner Art of Love answers both basic and profound questions on the navigation of our spiritual journey.
    You will benefit from Guru Rattana's wisdom (from over thirty years of personal practice and teaching) on HOW to use the sacred technology of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation:
  • To connect with your inner reality;
  • To awaken your heart;
  • To become a conscious soul-directed human being.

  • Guru Rattana sets out a comprehensive methodology that:
  • Identifies and explains how to work with the basic universal energies that make up your very being;
  • Deepens your understanding of the energetic human anatomy;
  • Offers an easy to understand method for identifying the blueprint of your soul using your birthchart. (Astrology made simple and accessible to everyone).

  • This manual guides you inward towards your personal experience of wholeness, self-love and inner peace. It directs your inner journey, using kriyas and meditations taken from her classic Kundalini Yoga manuals. Instead of new sets, Guru Rattana offers you a wealth of knowledge which will serve to deepen your personal practice of all kriyas and meditations and, for teachers, will embellish and enhance your teaching skills.

    Price: £22.00
    Price including postage: £25.10

    The Master's Touch - Yogi Bhajan


    Yogi Bhajan explains the path of the Teacher.
    This book is for every student of Truth. Whatever path you have chosen, it will give you an understanding of the true meaning of mastery. This is a superb collection of teachings from Yogi Bhajans Masters Touch courses. Yogi Bhajan, one of the most pragmatic spiritual Teachers of our time, explains the path of the Teacher.
    He does it with with compassion and a practical sense of the challenges of daily life. These are the pointed and inspiring teachings of and for the Age of Aquarius.
    A compilation of Teachings given during Master's Touch courses in Espanola and Assisi, Italy. The classes cover topics such as:
  • What is Happiness?
  • Self Reverence;
  • The Teacher and Student;
  • Projecting as a Teacher;
  • The Art of Communication;
  • The Caliber of a Teacher;
  • What is Your Reality?
  • The Power of the Mind;
  • Give God a Change;
  • Life is a Gift.
  • All these classes will give you a deep and profound understanding of the unique inside of the human character and the Path of The Teacher.

    The book also includes Yoga Exercises and Meditations. There is also available a DVD to accompant each chapter of the book.

    Price: £39.00
    Price including postage: £43.00

    The Mind - Yogi Bhajan


    This book is rich with techniques everyone can use to direct and develop the mind; its Projections and Multiple Facets.
    Yogi Bhajan provides us with an owners manual for the human mind and spirit to lead us consciously and confidently into the next century. He tells us how we can know and understand the mind so it becomes our ally and not our problem.
    This book is rich with techniques everyone can use to direct and develop the mind. Scholars can use this book as a unique source for meditations:
    Therapists and healers can use it to increase their personal sensitivity and make their practice more effective.
    Teachers and students can use this book to understand the dyanmic relationship between a student and a spiritual teacher.
    All seekers can use it to bring clarity and ancient knowledge to solve contemplation problems. everyone can use this book as a personal guide to life their day more authentically and more effectively.
    This book provides a fascinating look into our human nature through the eyes of Yogi Bhajan, Master of Kundalim Yoga. It details the interplay of the positive, negative, and neutral parts of our mind with our nine aspects and twenty-seven projections.
    Yogi Bhajan's lectures provide a practical approach encourages you to meditate to allow your mind to develop and serve as your friend and servant rather than your master.
    The meditations apply to the various aspects we embody, such as Defender, Manager, Artist, Producer, Strategist, Teacher.
    You can select from 42 meditations, including the following:
  • Creating Art by Projecting into the Future;
  • Pursuing the Cycle of Success;
  • Deep Memory of a Past Projection;
  • Interpretations of all Facets of Life;
  • Pursuing the Cycle of Artistic Attributes;
  • Creating Art by Environmental Effects.

  • Price: £31.00
    Price including postage: £34.10

    The Miracle of Healing Hands - Waheguru Singh Khalsa


    Healing and massage techniques from a yogi and a chiropractor.
    Healing and massage techniques from a yogi and a chiropractor with 77 years combined experience.
    Includes the 3 laws of healing - important for every massage therapist to know and practice.
    19 Quicktouch Treatments which accelerate the ability to heal clients.
    Over 275 illustrations and photos plus 16 additional techniques clearly show innovative techniques not found anywhere else.
    It covers the four basic hand positions, there are also longer treatments with exotic names like the Royal Body Treatment, the Diamond Treatment, and Mountain Above, Thuinder Below Treatment that strengthen the immune system, improve circulation and increase chi or prana.
    Meditations for Emotional Balance, kindle the Golden Stove Treatment for general energizing and bodily warmth, Meditation for Releasing Fear and Grief and the Cranial Adjustment for Reaching Heaven, a consciousness-altering massage that is an excellent precursor to sitting meditation. The book concludes with details on the art of hydrotherapy.

    Price: £28.00
    Price including postage: £32.00

    The Self-Sensory Human - Gurucharan Singh & Yogi Bhajan


    This book containes Lectures as well as Meditations about the Self-Sensory Human.
    The development of the human sensory system is one of the major themes of Yogi Bhajan's recent lectures. It is an important point of reference as we move into the Aquarian Age.
    The human sensory system is going to be our greatest asset in the Aquarian Age. We can cultivate our sensory system by consciously connecting to our breath, strengthening our nervous system, activating our glandular system, balancing our emotional energies and channeling our mental energy to intuitive awareness. As we cultivate a subtle sensitivity to our being, we will experience a sense of completeness within ourselves that will give us great satisfaction. We will sense our own divinity. We will sense, "This is me." We will have the capacity to feel calm, contained, content and straight. We will no longer feel the need to be validated from outside because energetically we will validate ourselves by going deep inside our own being...
    This book containes Lectures as well as Meditations by Yogi Bhajan about the Self-Sensory Human. It can be used by teachers for teaching special One-Day, Two-Day, or longer courses. It is also a great tool for students of all levels.

    Price: £10.00
    Price including postage: £12.00

    The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan - Yogi Bhajan


    The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan is a book for timeless wisdom, transmitted by one of the great teachers of the age.
    The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan is a book for timeless wisdom, transmitted by one of the great teachers of the age. It has the power to make people happy in moments of sadness, and to lift their spirits in times of depression. It is a powerful tool to clean the subconscious mind and to replace negative thought patterns with positive ones.

    Price: £15.00
    Price including postage: £17.50

    The Ten Light Bodies of Consciousness - Nirvair Singh Khalsa


    A Guide to Self-Discovery & Self Enlightenment.
    This wonderful and very unique yoga book will guide you through the knowledge of Kundalini Yoga and the Ten Bodies as well as the science of Numerologie, so you can enjoy a creative and peaceful life. Your presence must work. This is a quality of strengthening the seventh (Aura) and tenth ( Radiant) Bodies. Increasing your awareness of these bodies can come by studying and applying the knowledge of the Kundalini Yoga Ten Bodies system as taught Yogi Bhajan.
    The spiritual emphasis and the connection of the ten bodies to the Ten Sikh Gurus allows you to truly understand what it means to be a spiritual being having a human experience. Mastering this system is invaluable for evaluating and assessing the self and for helping others in counseling.
    The book contains:
  • A guide for understanding of the Ten Etheric Bodies in Kundalini Yoga;
  • An easy, do it yourself guide to Numerology using your birthday;
  • Eleven Kriyas which are exercise routines and meditations linked to your birth numbers and the Ten Bodies.

  • Price: £23.00
    Price including postage: £25.50

    The Yoga of Sound - Russill Paul


    For thousands of years Hindu spirituality has understood the profound effect that sound has on our well-being.
    From this tradition comes The Yoga of Sound, which draws on yoga's long history of applying sound to reduce stress, maintain health, and invoke spiritual awakenings. In lucid exercises presented both in the book and on its accompanying CD, Russill Paul shows how everyone can learn the art of mantra and how these practices can help to optimize the flow of energy within the body and enhance emotional well-being.

    Price: £0.00
    Price including postage: £0.00


    The Yoga Way to Radiance - Shakta Khalsa


    Step into a radiant flow of living with these bright souls that we call children!
    Join Shakta Khalsa on an experiential journey, exploring yoga-based tools to help you embrace your true Self and live with wonder and joy as you care for the children in your life. Shakta wrote her book The Yoga Way to Radiance with the intention of helping you — whether you’re a parent, family member, teacher, therapist, or caregiver — reclaim your authentic Self while also helping the children around you stay connected to their own inner radiance.
    With Shakta’s guidance in The Yoga Way to Radiance, you will discover:
  • Fun, effective yoga exercises and meditations for children and adults;
  • Ancient wisdom and leading-edge teachings to help children be the radiant beings that they are;
  • Techniques for staying connected to your inner self while meeting challenges with children;
  • Tips for the art of deep listening and neutral, friendly talk;
  • Natural discipline that uses the magic of imagination and natural consequences;
  • How to place trust in a child’s natural self-correcting abilities,

  • In the pages of this book, I’m inviting you to step into a radiant flow of living. Here we’ll create space to explore a new vision of your relationship with these bright souls that we call children.”, Shakta Khalsa

    Price: £16.00
    Price including postage: £18.50

    Transformation 1: Mastering the Self - Yogi Bhajan


    Mastery is no longer a mystery.
    Align the You within you—master the Self—embody your identity, experience your breath and expand your radiance. Here are the tools you need to balance your chakras, discipline your mind, clear out the past and renew the present in order to manifest your future. Strengthen your vitality and resilience; determine your destiny as you transition through every age and stage of life.
    These 91 kriyas and meditations, drawn from the Transformation: Level Two Teacher Training courses, are organized to facilitate your personal practice and deepen your experience of the Self. Many of these kriyas were selected specifically for Level Two and have never been available before! Practice something new or master something familiar with this newest collection from the Kundalini Research Institute.
    Mastering the Self was organized not only for individual practice but also for Kundalini Yoga teachers.
    Develop workshops, plan thematic 6-week courses, or assign individual sadhanas with ease. Using each chapter, individually, or combining topics gives you limitless possibilities.

    Price: £27.00
    Price including postage: £30.10

    Transformation 2: Serving the Infinite - Yogi Bhajan


    It frees us from our ego and allows us to expand and merge, beyond the Self to the group and ultimately to the infinite. Serving the Infinite takes us on a journey, from intuition and insight, to our relationships with others, and finally to the experience of our destiny, to heal and uplift everyone we touch. The capacity to serve signals our growing spiritual maturity. As teachers and healers of the Aquarian Age, our service is a gift, the fruit of our practice and the jewel of our own inner transformation.
    These 86 kriyas and meditations, drawn from the Transformation: Level Two Teacher Training courses, are organized to facilitate your personal practice and deepen your experience of the Infinite. Many of these kriyas were selected specifically for Level Two and have never been available before! Practice something new or master something familiar with this newest collection from the Kundalini Research Institute.
    Serving the Infinite was organized not only for individual practice but also for Kundalini Yoga teachers. Develop workshops, plan thematic 6-week courses, or assign individual sadhanas with ease. Using each chapter, individually, or combining topics gives you limitless possibilities. .

    Price: £27.00
    Price including postage: £30.10

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